Sunday, July 02, 2006

Zombie Invasion 2: part 3

Meanwhile on the other side of town, The Fink and family escorts a bunch of girls out the other way.

Damn! this way is blocked by zombies!

Mum, "Lets go back!"
Fink, "Girls follow me!"
Mum, "You pervy ##$%$#, I'm going to kill you!!!"

oh..oh.... Lots of zombos chasing our tail!

Zombies following ....

Arrghhh, the way is blocked!

Fink, "come on girls! That women was no good for me! I'll save you and you can repay me later!"

"Damn! Surrounded! You're on your own!"

The unfortunate end of the Fink

The Fink family (minus Fink) makes it back to the bus just as Hagen and the boys break out to the front side of the bus!

Katie, "You must have taken Daddy away! Bad boys! Plus you have Cooties! I'm going to wack you!"
Boy, "WTF is her problem! hey!"

Mum, "You have been a bad daddy!"

Thug'z last stand

Ray and Mad Dog guiding the football babes off to safety. Or is it? ....

Zombies munch on a few of the remaining civilians

Triller!!!! Triller night!

continued... part 4

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