Sunday, July 02, 2006

Zombie Invasion 2: part 1

A lovely day in the small city of Sunnyville.

Its garbage day, and thank god, it was starting to pile up a bit. Something smells....

The local waste management services deployed

Meanwhile some local homies are have fun crusing the 'hood.

Hey, is that Stan Lee Jr that just walked pass you? Damn, he sure looks dodgey, I bet he is up to no good.

Pete the prankster at it again

The Fink, "you are in so much trouble young man"

Driver, "argghhh, the bus is dead. Some one stuffed it!"

"Stan Lee Jr! Damn you!"

Driver friend, "No worries! I'll get us there!"


The Fink, "what was that!!?"

Ray, "what was that!!?"

Teddy, "What am I!!?"

continued... part 2

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Part 1
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