Sunday, July 02, 2006

Zombie Invasion 2: part 2

EEEK!!! Zombies!!!

Sci Fi Fan, "Don't worry girls! I'll protect you!"

The unfortunate end of the Sci Fi Fan

Vasquez, "Stupid fat oaf.... Can't even save himself"

Teddy, "help! help! wail! wail!"

Girls, "get off our Teddy!"

The unfortunate end of Teddy, denuded and defurred

Bunch of Thugz drop in to rescue to besieged Teddy's girls

Treachery! The White Sub-urban Family shoots the Inner City Thugz in the back! Inconceivable!

Meanwhile, Vasquez's position is being overrun by zombies!
Driver friend, "Hey Vasquez, ever been mistaken for a man?"
Vasquez, "have you ever been mistaken for BME?"
Driver friend, "..."

Hagen, "Hold the line good man! I'm coming!"
Vasquez, "...."

Hagen and the boys finally arrive at the bus.

Too late for vasquez but the football babes still need rescuing!

Fire! fire fire fire! I want to see zombie bits flying!

The Thugz return fire on Ray and the sub-urban whites!

As the living shoots at each other, the walking dead happily feasts on...

continued... part 3

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Part 2
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